What is Sugaring? 

           Sugaring is an all-natural method of hair removal - A much "sweeter" alternative to wax. Sugaring paste is biodegradable and actually edible.  It is as simple as sugar, lemon and water. Your unwanted hair will be removed by the root using a technique that does not require the use of sticks or strips. This eliminates any worry about "double dipping" that can sometimes be a concern with wax. The temperature of the sugaring paste is body temp to slightly warmed, never hot, so there is absolutely NO risk of burning the skin. Your unwanted hair is removed in the same direction as the hair grows, not against like wax. The end result is less broken hairs, less trauma to the skin and longer lasting results. In addition, sugaring  paste is water-soluble, so you won't leave your appointment with any stickiness from wax residue! 

Basic Preparation Guidelines...
Before your appointment, do not apply any lotions or oils to the area that will be sugared. The ideal length for your first sugaring appointment is about 1/4 inch of growth, which is commonly about three weeks of growth for many areas of the body. If the hair to be removed exceeds 1/2 inch in length, it may be helpful to trim the hair before your appointment to a more ideal length. This is not 100% required, however, it may make your sugaring experience more comfortable. 

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